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Compared to traditional RICE applications (Rest–Ice–Compression–Elevation), Game Ready® delivers more therapeutic benefits. That means a speedier return to normal activity and a better recovery experience.

Introducing a New Standard of Care

Whether an elite athlete with injuries or an everyday patient in post-op rehab, you want to get back into action now. You want to do more than treat symptoms, you want to accelerate healing. Game Ready goes beyond damage control to proactively help you recover faster.






Cold (General)
Decreases pain, muscle spasms, edema, and swelling.1,2  
Reduces metabolic activity and demand for oxygen, reducing secondary tissue damage.1,2  
Compression (General)
Aids the prevention of edema formation and removal of swelling1,2,9  
Active Cold
Draws heat away from the injury site for more efficient temperature reduction.1  
Active Compression
Mimics natural muscle contractions, “pumping” edema out of the injured area.1,2
Optimizes lymphatic drainage.7,8
Increases blood flow and oxygen delivery.3,4,5,6
Simulates tissue repair, encouraging acceleration of the healing process.1,2,3,4,5
Active Compression with Active Cold Therapy
Improves surface contact for faster, deeper, longer-lasting cooling.10,11

Squeezing More Out
of Cold Therapy

Squeezing More Out of Cold TherapyHead to head infrared thermal imagery shows that Game Ready’s patented active compression technology enhances the delivery of cold therapy, helping Game Ready to provide faster, deeper, and longer-lasting cold than other cryotherapy products.10,11


[Side view shown. First skin temperature measurement immediately after completing 30 minutes of treatment, subsequent images at 10 and 30 minutes post-treatment. All devices applied per manufacturer’s instructions and all measurements taken from uniform distance. All devices applied on different days allowing full recovery for test subject.]

Results That Speak
for Themselves

Game Ready is so effective, it can be found in the most prestigious orthopedic centers, physical therapy clinics, and athletic training facilities. In fact, the treatment system is relied on by Olympic athletes, special military forces, and countless teams from virtually every professional sport around the world. Better still, people who have used Game Ready overwhelmingly say that it helped speed and improve their recovery.