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I prescribe Game Ready after every one of my surgical procedures because it provides a significant decrease in the need for pain medication and at least a 20% faster recovery.


Peter Millett, MD, MSc
The Steadman Clinic

For my patients, Game Ready reduces pain after both injury and surgery, helping them to wean off of their pain medication faster, resulting in an earlier return to work. Game Ready also reduces swelling, leading to a faster and better return of motion, thereby reducing the risk of secondary complications.


Marc R. Safran, MD
Stanford University

In my experience, this device is not only extremely beneficial to patients, but also an effective means of reducing overall health care expenses.


John P. Albright, MD
University of Iowa Health Care

Patients who receive Game Ready treatments demonstrate increased tolerance to their rehabilitation sessions, leading to a higher intensity of services which in turn results in a faster recovery.


Joette Jindra
OTR/L Director of Rehab

I’ve seen a two-fold increase in recovery rates. Guys are back in half the time.


Stan Conte, PT ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
SF Giants, 2000-2006

Utilizing Game Ready following orthopedic procedures, we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in post-operative pain, a decrease in hospital stays and quicker return to work or athletic participation. Game Ready is an essential part of accelerated post-operative recovery.


Sanford Kunkel, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon
OrthoIndy, Indianapolis

Having secured a number of Game Ready units for Team GB’s Medical Centre in the Olympic Village at the Olympic Games in London, I was impressed at how much use the units received. They were the most used piece of kit, equipment, or apparatus available in the Medical Centre. The ease of use for the practitioner and the athlete as well as its obvious effectiveness made it Team GB’s cryotherapy treatment of choice for all acute injuries sustained during the Olympic Games. Team GB had some amazing results and Game Ready certainly played its part in getting and keeping our athletes on the track, pitches, and courts. Thank you!

Caryl Becker
Chief Physiotherapist
British Olympic Association/Team GB, London 2012

I have had the opportunity to utilize the Game Ready application on a variety of post-injury and post-operative orthopedic physical therapy situations. We have found this application of cold and compression to be of vital importance in the areas of decreasing pain and swelling. Patients have commented that they like this method of cold application because it is not as offensive to their tissue as a cold pack. We have been able to objectively quantify decreases in swelling and edema on pre- and post-treatment bases. In some situations, the reduction has been dramatic. During the initial application on a post ankle fracture we were able to measure a decrease of 2cm in mid-calf circumference with a 15-minute application.


Chuck Krpata
Advanced Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy
Carmel, CA

The effectiveness of combining ice therapy and compression has been touted for years for acute musculoskeletal injury but Game Ready takes such therapy to a whole new level. I truly believe you have a winning product and would recommend your product without hesitation whenever cryotherapy is indicated. Thank you for bringing the product to our surgery center!


Mike Louthan, MD
Chief of Anesthesia
Riverview Hospital

No other system commercially available provides both compression and cold therapy as effectively as Game Ready. In addition, it has a built-in safety measure to guard against thermal or pressure injury and therefore makes it ideal for home- or self-treatment.


Arthur Ting, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

Game Ready is the best system I’ve ever seen for the treatment of acute or chronic injury. I know the Game Ready System works well, because every time I apply it to one of our Special Warfare Operators, I can consistently—and most importantly—objectively measure a one half centimeter reduction in post exercise edema response. I highly recommend it to anyone working with athletes who need to get back into action as quickly as possible.


Chris Spalding, ATC
Director of Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation
Naval Special Warfare Group THREE

Athlete recovery has been enhanced after competitive games using Game Ready. In addition to competition recovery I have recently been shocked by the great response to sub-acute edema and effusion after knee replacements and Achilles tendon repairs, making this a versatile and valuable tool. I came to a plateau with a very difficult knee replacement and after 2 consecutive day treatments with Game Ready, knee ROM increased from 75 to 87 degrees pre-treatment. This device has saved that patient 3-5 weeks of unnecessary rehabilitation in my opinion.


Ken Stack
Owner, S.T.A.C.K.
Physical Therapy & Corrective Exercise

The Game Ready Injury Treatment System plays a significant part in our players’ injury management protocol and has contributed to delivering great results. The system has been very well received by the players and is an essential piece of equipment for the touring team.


Paul Close
Head Physiotherapist
Indian National Cricket Academy

Our players fight over who will get to use the Game Ready System! Seriously, we have had excellent results with Game Ready…it’s very easy to use, convenient, and effective. Thanks for making Game Ready available to the Buccaneers.


Todd Toriscelli
Head Athletic Trainer
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Patients are singing its praises. I have spoken to two patients the morning after their surgery and they couldn’t say enough. One of the patients had taken no pain meds at all and the other stated her pain level decreased from a level 5 to 2 within a half hour of the Game Ready being applied.


Maggie Cladwell, RN
Beltway Surgery Center

I’ve seen the Game Ready System work on athletes and non-athletes alike. Everything from minor ankle sprains to total knee replacements can benefit from the use of this terrific rehab tool. It’s user friendly too!


Jennifier Johnsrud
Certified Athletic Trainer

We have used the Game Ready System on all types of patients ranging from ankle sprains to total hips, total knees, knee arthroscopies, shoulder arthroscopies, and many other types of injuries. The results of swelling reduction are quite simply the best I have seen in 12 years of practice. The patients tend to like the results as well as the treatment itself.


Alan Ridenoure
Certified Athletic Trainer

I am a very active physical therapist who just had a menisectomy and lateral release with a complication of a large hematoma. I had difficulty being in an upright position without my leg elevated due to 3 inches of swelling. With the use of Game Ready’s specialized compression with ice, I have been able to return to work and make a significant change in one week. I will now use it with athletes and post surgical patients since I have seen the significant results on myself.


Becky Clark
Physical Therapist


One of the toughest things about being a Major League Baseball player is getting through the long season. Game Ready is an essential part of my training routine – it is the key to recovery for my arms, legs, shoulders…basically my entire body. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something that’s really effective and easy to use.


Mike Leake
MLB Pitcher, Cincinnati Reds

My use of the Game Ready unit helped me greatly to sustain my leg strength and durability after my career-threatening injury.


Jerry Rice
NFL Hall-of-Famer

I am currently competing as a contestant on the fourth season of NBC’s weight-loss reality show The Biggest Loser and honestly, I don’t think that I could have had the success that I’ve had on the show in the absence of the Game Ready device, considering how often I needed to use it.


William G. Germanakos
NBC’s The Biggest Loser Contestant

Using Game Ready after hip surgery for rehab has helped so much I feel addicted to it. For a hip, it’s by far the best way to get a cold session in – with the wrap that conforms to the body, enhanced by compression. Thanks to Game Ready, my recovery has been less painful and I’ve had less swelling. This is definitely a key part of my rehab program and will be for any future injury.


Daron Rahlves
Professional Skier, World Champion, Olympian,
X-Games Gold Medalist, USA Ski Hall of Fame

Icing was critical after I suffered a class 3 AC shoulder separation at the 2012 South Africa World Cup mountain bike race. The Game Ready shoulder wrap was a great alternative to balancing leaking bags of ice – I even used Game Ready on the plane thanks to the optional battery pack. I am now healed but continue to use Game Ready almost daily, now for my legs. The dual hose and two leg wraps allow me to ice and flush my legs after hard rides and workouts; the most comfortable ice bath ever with added compression, genius! There is no doubt I am able to increase my training load with less perceived exertion utilizing the Game Ready System.


Kista Park
2010 USA Marathon World Championship Team Member
2011 USA XC World Championship Team Member
2012 USA Olympic Long Team Member

Over the last year, icing and compression have become a key part of my daily training and recovery process. Without proper recovery between and after each session, the ability to perform day-in-day-out, week-in-week-out becomes compromised. Game Ready, which has traditionally been used as a therapeutic tool for injuries, is the perfect combination for me. It provides exactly what my body needs – icing and compression in one – and has been instrumental in helping me get as much as I can out of my body. Other recovery products don’t offer the same multi-dimensional tools, making GameReady, in my mind, the best product out there.


Sarah Piampiano
Professional Triathlete

Fighting for the UFC means I’m constantly pushing my body to its limits. After my last winning fight, I had a foot that was swollen beyond belief and my right elbow was swollen and wouldn’t straighten. That’s when I discovered Game Ready. It’s a portable ice and compression machine which rapidly removed all my swelling and inflammation, allowing me to get back to training a lot sooner than without it. Now I use my Game Ready every day. It flushes the toxins out of my muscles and allows for faster healing. This means I can train just as hard on Friday as I do on Monday. Watch out middleweights!


Nathan “Rock” Quarry
UFC Fighter

The Game Ready System has been great for my recovery after games and for injury prevention. It helps me stay healthy throughout the season because it makes icing and compression so easy. Game Ready keeps me on the field and performing at my best.


Gabby Sanchez
MLB Player, Florida Marlins

Game Ready takes the guesswork out of ice and compression and gives me peace of mind that I am doing the best I can do to get back into action following an injury and stay healthy throughout the season.


Brian McBride
US National Team
Fulham Soccer Club English Premier League

In June of 2003, I was able to achieve my goal and become the US National Champion in the long jump. I have no doubt in my mind that the Game Ready System helped me achieve this goal….By using Game Ready as part of my regular recovery, I’m now aiming at becoming one of the best in the world. Thank you Game Ready!


Grace Upshaw
Long Jumper
US National Champion and Olympian

Since using the unit my recovery has been fantastic. So far, I’ve reached my rehab goals at least 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule! My surgeon said it was the best recovery from ACL surgery he’s seen. My limp is gone and I’m already riding motocross three times a week, one month ahead of schedule! Thanks so much!


Marla Streb
Team Luna Women’s Mountain Bike Team

This system is worth its weight in gold! Game Ready was great for minimizing the pain and swelling after having surgery. I had the confidence to rehab much more aggressively knowing that if I pushed myself further and caused any pain or swelling, the Game Ready System would immediately reduce the pain and swelling.


Kenny Roberts Jr.
Road Racing Champion

Game Ready really helps to speed up my recovery, improving my overall training. As a system, it is so easy to use and so much more effective and efficient than a conventional ice pack. The combination of active compression and cold therapy really makes a difference.


Lara Brown
Endurance Performance Training Centers
2006 Age Group Triathlete

I am a patient of The Steadman Clinic and have used the Game Ready System countless times. It is awesome for reducing pain and allowing me to rehab faster and more comfortably. THANKS!


Phoo Klawsky

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My dad used your miracle machine two weeks ago, and it has helped him tremendously. I’m amazed. His wrist isn’t sore or swollen, he’s off painkillers and he’s starting to return to normal activities.


Lizette Wilson

[With Game Ready] I simply slipped into the back wrap, no help needed, and I could cool my back to an optimal temperature. I could also comfortably wear the Game Ready unit for extended periods, using the time to get my therapy and relax with a book or in front of the TV at the same time.


Tarryn D. Larson Rozen

I recently had a fractured right ankle and sprained it on a Sunday. I was provided the Game Ready System to use on a Monday. I was immediately in heaven from the moment I put it on. Between the compression and cooling, it helped me instantaneously with pain relief and to get the swelling under control…I continued using Game Ready over the cast for a week. The swelling went down permanently one week sooner than expected…There is no doubt in my mind that the initial cooling and compression provided by this system helped to accelerate the healing for me!


Bob Willis

The cooling and compression effect was the only thing that quieted my ankle down enough that I could actually get to sleep…without Game Ready I don’t know what I would have done.


Deborah Larson

At this point my Game Ready unit is just about my most prized possession. I use it daily once or twice and it has really helped improve my condition and has kept me on the road. I take it with me everywhere. It is simple to use, very effective, no mess, no fuss…I love it…I was so tired of getting doctor’s orders to stop running and take various pain medications to help my Achilles problem. Game Ready provides an effective, DRUG FREE way to speed recovery and has kept me running and improving at the same time. Keep up the good work!


W.B. Allen