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What clinical evidence exists on the efficacy of cold and intermittent pneumatic compression?

A comprehensive compendium of clinical evidence can be found in the Resources Section.


How is Game Ready better than other cold therapy products?

Game Ready® features innovative ACCEL® technology that synergistically combines active pneumatic compression and rapidly circulating cold therapy to do more than passively treat symptoms of pain and swelling. ACCEL gives you the therapeutic power to accelerate the body’s natural repair mechanisms by enhancing lymphatic function, encouraging oxygenated blood flow, and stimulating tissue healing.


Most other methods cold therapy applications are either static or have low fluid flow rates. This means the source of the cold therapy develops a warm layer next to the injured area as it cools the skin, minimizing efficacy. Game Ready technology enables deeper, longer-lasting cold therapy.


In addition, most other cold therapy does not offer compression – and if it does, it’s usually static. While static compression is commonly accepted as a useful method for passively mitigating swelling, it does not help the body heal. By contrast, Game Ready’s form of active compression mimics natural muscle contractions to stimulate tissue healing.


Learn more about ACCEL by visiting our Technology Section.


Which physicians in my area are prescribing Game Ready?

To find prescribing physicians in your area, please contact Game Ready Customer Service toll-free at 1.888.GameReady (1.888.426.3732) or info@gameready.com.


Are there any professional sports teams in my area that use Game Ready?

It would be harder to find teams that don’t use Game Ready! Check out our Who’s Using Game Ready lists to learn more.


Do you have any special programs for schools or pro teams?

We do offer special goodwill programs to high schools and junior colleges on a limited basis, and under certain circumstances. Or, if you work for a professional sports team or work for a university, your athlete’s insurance might help. To find out more, call us toll-free at 1.888.GameReady (1.888.426.3732) or inquire about our Special Programs.


How can I get help operating the product?

You can begin by visiting the How-To Section of our site where you will find videos, quick start guides, and comprehensive user manuals. You can also call Game Ready Customer Service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1.888.GameReady (1.888.426.3732).


How can I provide feedback on my experience with your company or product?

We love getting feedback! Please call us toll-free at 1.888.GameReady (1.888.426.3732) or email us at info@gameready.com.