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How is Game Ready better than other cold therapy products?

Game Ready® features innovative ACCEL® technology that synergistically combines active pneumatic compression and rapidly circulating cold therapy to do more than passively treat symptoms of pain and swelling. ACCEL gives you the therapeutic power to accelerate the body’s natural repair mechanisms by enhancing lymphatic function, encouraging oxygenated blood flow, and stimulating tissue healing.


Most other methods cold therapy applications are either static or have low fluid flow rates. This means the source of the cold therapy develops a warm layer next to the injured area as it cools the skin, minimizing efficacy. Game Ready technology enables deeper, longer-lasting cold therapy.


In addition, most other cold therapy does not offer compression – and if it does, it’s usually static. While static compression is commonly accepted as a useful method for passively mitigating swelling, it does not help the body heal. By contrast, Game Ready’s form of active compression mimics natural muscle contractions to stimulate tissue healing.


Learn more about ACCEL by visiting our Technology Section.


Does my favorite professional sports team use Game Ready?

It would be harder to find teams that don’t use Game Ready! Check out our Who’s Using Game Ready lists to find out.


Is Game Ready covered by insurance? (For US Patients Only)

If you have an approved worker’s compensation claim that has been preauthorized, your insurance should cover the cost of rental. If you are Active Duty Military personnel and we have received authorization for your claim, we will accept assignment, leaving you with no personal responsibility for the claim.


Otherwise, if you are insured through a commercial carrier or have a no-fault auto claim, Game Ready will verify your benefits and eligibility as well as deductibles and co-pays for you and advise if your insurance is likely to cover the cost of this rental or if it would be in your best interest to pay for Game Ready out-of-pocket at a discounted, cash rate.


If after the verification process it is found to be likely that your insurance will cover the cost of the rental, you will be charged for a deposit upon delivery of the system and Game Ready will submit your claim to your insurance company on your behalf. If the rental is covered in full, your deposit will be refunded. If not, you will be billed for the balance of the bill and liable for the patient portion of the claim.


In any case, the ultimate financial responsibility does lie with you. You should be aware that the benefit verification process is not a guarantee of payment. In the instance Game Ready is not ultimately covered by your insurance, we can help you appeal the denial so you can re-submit your claim and seek reimbursement directly from your carrier.


How can I get Game Ready for my recovery? (For US Patients Only)

Game Ready is available either on a per-treatment basis from a physical therapist or as a home rental or purchase with a prescription from your physician.

To find a prescribing orthopedic clinic or physical therapy center equipped with Game Ready, please contact us toll-free at 1.888.GameReady (1.888.426.3732) or info@gameready.com. Or, you can start the rental process here.

If your doctor is one of our current prescribers, his/her office staff will be able to get the rental process started. For your convenience, the rental forms are available here.

If your doctor does not currently prescribe Game Ready, he/she may have questions about how the system works, clinical evidence, rental process logistics, and insurance coverage. We would be happy to have a representative contact your doctor’s office to answer these questions and ensure your rental goes smoothly. Share Game Ready with your doctor here.


How can I get help operating the product?

You can begin by visiting the How-To Section Section of our site where you will find videos, quick start guides, and comprehensive user manuals. You can also call Game Ready Customer Service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1.888.GameReady (1.888.426.3732).


Why do I have to replenish the ice so often?

Immediately after surgery or an acute injury, your injury site produces higher amounts of heat than later in the recovery process. As Game Ready transfers this heat into the ice bath through the circulation of cold water, the ice melts faster. As you progress through your recovery and your body produces less heat, you will not need to replenish the ice as frequently.


What’s the best way for me to provide feedback about my experience with your company or product?

What’s the best way for me to provide feedback about my experience with your company or product?
We love getting feedback! A self-addressed, postage-paid Patient Survey Card is included with the Quick Start Guide accompanying your product. You can also call us toll-free at 1.888.GameReady (1.888.426.3732) or email us at info@gameready.com.


How do I return the equipment?

Make arrangements for returning your equipment simply by contacting Game Ready Customer Service toll-free at 1.888.GameReady (1.888.426.3732). We will take care of you!