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GR Pro 2.1 control unit


GR Pro2.1 How-To Demo Video

Quick Start Easy Steps


Easy Operation
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Step 3
Fill the Control Unit with ice and water as indicated inside reservoir. Connect Control Unit to the AC Adapter, then to a grounded electrical outlet. Apply the selected Wrap. For optimal results, use ATX Series heat exchangers.


Step 4
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Step 7
Attach the Connector Hose to the Wrap, then to the Control Unit. Press the power button. Select pressure and time settings in Manual Mode or select a program in Program Mode. Press the play/pause button to start.

First-Generation control unit


Clean with a mild disinfectant (warm water with mild detergent, Lysol, 70% isopropyl alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide). Store in optional carry bag or other protected place. Be sure to remove water and ice and ensure device is dry before storing.