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GR Pro 2.1 control unit


GR Pro2.1 How-To Demo Video

Quick Start Easy Steps


Easy Operation
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Step 3
Fill the Control Unit with ice and water as indicated inside reservoir. Connect Control Unit to the AC Adapter, then to a grounded electrical outlet. Apply the selected Wrap. For optimal results, use ATX Series heat exchangers.


Step 4
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Step 7
Attach the Connector Hose to the Wrap, then to the Control Unit. Press the power button. Select pressure and time settings in Manual Mode or select a program in Program Mode. Press the play/pause button to start.

First-Generation control unit


To clean the Game Ready Control Unit’s exterior and visible interior surfaces of the reservoir, use a mild disinfectant (warm water with mild detergent, 70% isopropyl alcohol, or Cavicide®). The Control Unit can be stored in the carrying case or other safe place. Any ice and water in the reservoir should be removed before storing. Store with reservoir lid ajar to allow the reservoir to dry fully.