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Game Ready® Hits Landmark Global Medical Device Usage "The company has hit a landmark number of 50,000 systems installed in over 5,000 medical and physical therapy facilities globally.", December 21, 2015
Game Ready® Named “The World’s Greatest Cryotherapy” "Game Ready® today announced that the company has been chosen as "The World's Greatest Cryotherapy" on the television show.", December 17, 2015
Game Ready® to Release Innovative Wrap for Head Pain in January 2016 "The new Cryo Cap, which will debut in January, is an extension of the comprehensive Game Ready product line featuring the company's proprietary ACCEL® Technology, which proactively aids lymphatic function, encourages cellular oxygen supply and stimulates tissue repair"., December 16, 2015
Dejan Lovren showed his leg resting in a ‘Game Ready’ device on Monday "The Croatian took to Instagram on Monday showing his injured leg in a 'Game Ready' device very similar to the one that Lionel Messi used when the Barcelona forward was sidelined for eight weeks earlier in the year"., December 15, 2015
Lionel Messi vows to come back stronger as the Barcelona star uses compression device "The 28-year-old revealed on Facebook that he was using a device called 'Game Ready' to help him 'come back stronger' from his latest injury setback.", October 9, 2015
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Sam Warburton expects to face Irish thanks to ‘Game Ready’ icing device “We have a device called the ‘Game Ready’ which is commonly used in professional sport. You fill it with lots of ice and water and you compress the injury. You put a knee strap around your knee and plug yourself in.", March 4, 2015
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Get Well Soon: Wilbekin & Hill Getting the Treatment from UF Training Staff "The device is called Game Ready and its goal is to live up to its name."
GatorZone, December 7, 2013
DAWN OF A NEW DAY: FACTOID OF THE WEEK "[Game Ready] is good," said Parcells. "It's really helped my rehab." Morning Quarterback, July 22, 2013
GASTOWN CENTERS PROVIDE GAME READY CRYOTHERAPY "Game Ready Cryotherapy takes injury treatment to a whole new level.", June 20, 2013
WOAKES BENEFITS FROM INNOVATIVE GAME READY TREATMENT "Chris Woakes was able to get back to international action quicker than anticipated due to the innovative Game Ready cold compression system."
Cricket World, June 6, 2013
London 2012: Medal Means Beth Tweddle Can Finally Rest Easy at Night “An hour after my operation that machine was put on me and that’s been my best friend every since.”
Liverpool Echo, August 7, 2012
Just My Luck, One Carry, a Double Hit and a Dead Leg…It’s Agony. “I’ve been using a gadget called Game Ready which is an ice-compression machine.”
Daily Mail, June 15, 2012
Haris Vuckic Targets New-Season Return for NUFC “The attacking midfielder ended the season using a Game Ready ice machine to shake off the problem.”
Chronicle Live, June 9, 2012
Long Jumper Chris Kirk and Newcastle Falcon Michael Tait Test Out Game Ready “The machine is awesome. The tiniest bit of swelling, and it helps. The lads use it lots.”
Sky – Tyne and Wear, May 22, 2012
Coping with Chronic Pain “Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark Adickes explains how the Game Ready System combines compression and cold water circulation to reduce pain, swelling, and muscle spasms.”
The Doctors, April 24, 2012
Treatment System Uses Compressed Air, Cold Water to Speed Healing “This is the only machine that gives me honest-to-goodness relief.”
Frederick News Post, March 6, 2012
Basketball’s Estrada Uses New Methods to Heal Quick “I think the Game Ready took off a lot of time for Estrada.”
The State Hornet, February 21, 2012
Pardew: I Will Not Risk Touch and Go Taylor “Taylor has been using Game Ready to reduce swelling.”
Chronicle Live, February 9, 2012
Hoogerland: Out of the Barbed Wire and into the Fire “Pro cyclist Johnny Hoogerland recovers from his Tour de France crash with the help of Game Ready.”
Velo News, July 12, 2011
My Revolutionary NASA Workout “I slept with a Game Ready ice machine hooked to my foot every night during the 2010 NCAA tournament..”
ESPN W, March 25, 2011
Chemmy’s Olympic Dream “Olympic skier Chemmy Alcott uses Game Ready to recover from career-threatening injuries. See video.”
Sky Sports News, March 8, 2011
Game Ready Cryotherapy Device Outperforms Ice After ACL Surgery “Game Ready compressive cryotherapy device is associated with more pain relief than ice alone…”
Lower Extremity Review, March 2011
Phoenix Suns Adjust Their Routine for Roadtrip “The Suns use Game Ready ice and compression units…”
The Arizona Republic, February 24, 2011
Soledad O’Brien: ACL Is Doing Fine, Thanks “Immediately after the surgery my doctor put me in the greatest contraption known to mankind—the Game Ready.”
CNN Health, January 21, 2011
Space Age Technology Will Keep Injury at Bay “Team Scotland has rolled out the use of Game Ready…”, September 29, 2010
Eagles’ Jackson Returns to Be Center of Attention “Jackson credits the Game Ready System and the training staff…for getting him ready for Sunday.”
Victoria Advocate, September 9, 2010
Game Ready: Official Product Supplier to Team RadioShack
“Game Ready delivers cutting-edge recovery solutions for some of the world’s top pro 2010 Tour de France ridersy.”
Radio Shack, May 2010
Game Ready Presented with Frost & Sullivan 2010 Product Differentiation Excellence Award
“Game Ready has evolved as such a strong name in the cold therapy market with this quality product that it has quickly become the gold standard of treatment.”
Frost & Sullivan’s U.S. Braces and Supports Market Research Report, February 2010
Cross Grabs Back Chance and Proves “Game Ready” “A key part of his recovery involved...a machine...which iced and compressed his ankle, reducing the swelling and allowing him to fast-track his rehabilitation.”
The Age, September 16, 2009
Brad Ottens a Month Away “Geelong ruckman Brad Ottens is still a month away from returning, but the use of new technology has accelerated his recovery.”
Melbourne Herald Sun, June 7, 2009
Cats Ice Recovery “In the race to find the edge in recovery time, the Cats are using a portable cooling system.”
Sunday Herald Sun, May 17, 2009
Martyn Gets His Game on with Game Ready “An amazing therapy for equines and humans, too!”, May 21, 2008
Train and Recover Like the Pros
“See how the NY Giants train and recover.”
The View, April 2008
Bay Area Firm Gets Its Kick from Healing “The devices combine compression and cold therapy to treat strained, sprained or otherwise injured body parts.”
Oakland Tribune, June 19, 2007
Game Ready Eyes Bigger Market “It’s much more effective than throwing an ice pack on something.”
San Francisco Examiner, May 22, 2007
Reduce Pain, Speed Recovery
“The system delivers active compression and controllable cold therapy to assist the body’s natural healing process.”
New Jersey TechNews, April 2007
The Freeze-And-Squeeze
“It’s a little box we can put on everything from knees to ankles to elbows.”
Cleveland Plain Dealer, March 18, 2007
Chill Out “It’s a high-tech update on RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation).”
Outside Magazine, March 2007
Game Ready Articulated Knee Wrap
“One of the only applications of both cryotherapy and intermittent compression developed specifically for CPM machines.”
NATA News, Product & Services Guide, March 2007
Game Ready Unveils Articulated Knee Wrap
“Applies both cryotherapy and intermittent compression to the entire joint.”
Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy, March 2007
Wrapping It Up “Applies the same science relied upon by doctors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and athletes.”
BioMechanics, March 2007
Game Ready Accelerated Recovery System
“The Game Ready unit was developed by a NASA engineer and its results are other worldly!”
Trek Racing Team 19 Cycling Forum, February 19, 2007
Brown and Ortiz: Raiders’ One-Two Punch “They even had a special Game Ready compression boot shipped in overnight.”
Dayton Daily News, February 14, 2007
My 4-Week Quest: Run Faster “Made by Game Ready, it reduces inflammation of my joints and traumatized leg muscles.”
Wired Magazine, January 2007
Health & Fitness: Recovery: Ice-Cold Pain Relief
“This is the Bentley of the bunch.”
Men’s Journal, December 2006
Prankster McFadden All Smiles On, Off Field “Let’s put this Game Ready on for 20 minutes.”
Northwest Arkansas Times, November 7, 2006
Case of the Mondays
“This machine works wonders.”
Sporting News, October 27, 2006
Bringing “Cool” Technology to the Gridiron, Hospital and Race Track “Combining cold therapy and compression is the key.”
San Francisco Business Times, September 3, 2006
Game Ready System Helps Joint Injuries “A new piece of helping joint injury patients get back in the game faster.”
WIBW-TV/CBS News, June 2006
The New Ice Age
“Whether you’re a lifter prone to the occasional muscle tweak or a weekend warrior with a bum knee…”
Muscle & Fitness Magazine, January 2006
Allen Anticipating Early Return “The trademarked name on the compression sleeve worn by Tony Allen last night was Game Ready.”
The Boston Globe, December 1, 2005
Bettis’ Bruises
“See how Jerome Bettis deals with the pain after game day.”
Fox Sports, December 2005
Teams Fight Injuries Pro-Style “Forget the nurse—unless she’s from NASA…schools are hustling after high-tech medical tools…”
The Wall Street Journal, November 19, 2005
Ice, Ice, Baby “'It's a convenient method of delivering ice and pumping action,' says Stanford trainer Charlie Miller, who has eight of the units.”
Sports Illustrated, November 14, 2005
Vest from Game Ready Helps Surgeons to Keep Their Cool
“Keeping cool during long surgeries…is helping surgeons stay focused…”
Medical Device Daily, October 11, 2005
Ankle Injury Delays Chesney Kickoff
“Chesney adds that he contacted the National Football League's Tennessee Titans to get a Game Ready boot…”
Pioneer Press, March 4, 2005
Kenny Chesney Tears Ligaments in Right Ankle
“I’ve got a Game Ready boot, which we picked up from the Titans to help accelerate we’re doing everything we can.”, March 3, 2005
Walsh Gets Reacquainted with Gators, Vice Versa “We had this machine called the Game Ready, which compressed your ankle and made it real cold. It’s a machine that our trainer had, so I took it home with me every night and had treatment every hour.”
St. Petersburg Times, January 25, 2005
Gators Look for Points
“Walsh practically slept with a device called ‘Game Ready,’ which is a boot filled with ice and water and helped get the swelling out of the ankle.”
Florida Today, January 24, 2005
That’s Cool!
“Spacesuit Technology makes the leap from Moon to playing field.”
National Aeronautics & Space Administration, December 13, 2004
Ranger Top Pick Faces Knife “Jessiman, the 12th overall selection in the 2003 [NHL] Draft, is wearing a Game Ready box on his right foot…given to him by Ranger medical trainer Jim Ramsay…”
New York Post, November 11, 2004
Healing Torn Rotator Cuffs
“A device that pros rely on to recover from sports injuries is making its way into the high-end physical therapy and gym markets.”
Inc. Magazine, November 2004
Cooling Tool
“The guys who are serious about getting healthy are really loving it…”
San Francisco Chronicle, August 9, 2004
Game Ready System
“Using technology developed for astronaut’s spacesuits, the Game Ready System is designed to aid recovery.”
Bike Magazine, July 23, 2004
Technology and the Body
“Fortunately, a friend told me about a unique ‘cold therapy’ machine called Game Ready…”
Popular Science, June 2004
Corporate Spotlight: Game Ready
“Combine a cool idea with hot technology and the result is Game Ready...”
American Executive, April 2004
Heat Illness Prevention Goes High Tech
“Portable cooling devices may help physicians and athletic trainers minimize the effects of heat...”
The Physician and Sportsmedicine, August 2003
Hot Gear For Icy Treatments
“The ability to recover faster can be the difference between making a world-class competition or missing it.”
ABC News, TechTV, July 29, 2003
On Ice
“Players are bagging traditional ice packs for a new-age electronic icing system.”
All-Star Game 2003, July 15, 2003
Game Ready Gives Athletes Leg Up
"[Game Ready]…is using space-suit technology to help treat injured top athletes and leave the competition—ice bags and elastic bandages—in the cold."
Oakland Tribune, June 23, 2003
Cool Therapy
"What’s good for the astronaut is good for the athlete."
ACFNEWSOURCE, KGO-TV, February 22, 2003
Space-suit Technology Used to Help Athletes Heal Faster From Injury
"...Within seconds, ice water flows through the pads and brings relief to aching muscles and joints..."
Street & Smith’s Sport Business News, January 13, 2003
The Cold Shoulder "Game Ready’s portable cold compress is standard rehab equipment for pro football players..."
Wired Magazine, December 2002

Investor Relations

Healthy, Wealthy and Wiser "Healthcare equipment maker stages its own recovery."
San Francisco Business Times, September 9, 2007
Inc. 5000 Fast Growing Private Companies in America "No. 631: CoolSystems", August 23, 2007
Temperature Modulation Enhances Care
"A look at some of the coolest, and hottest, new therapeutic technologies."
Healthcare Corporate Finance News, August 2007
Fastest Growing East Bay Private Companies
"CoolSystems Inc.–corporate name for Game Ready–ranks #14 on the list."
East Bay Business Times, July 27, 2007
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year
"Game Ready CEO Tom Oliver is an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2007 finalist in Northern California."
Ernst & Young, July 2007
Cool Heads Prevail in OrthoCare and Game Ready Agreement
"The system delivers ice and compression using spacesuit technology."
BioMechanics, February 2007
CEOs Learn Best from Other CEOs
"Tom Oliver, CEO of Game Ready, Inc., adds further insight..."
California CEO, Q4 2006
CoolSystems Inks Distribution Agreement "Irvine's VQ OrthoCare will begin distributing CoolSystems' Game Ready accelerated recovery system to medical professionals."
San Francisco Business Times, December 4, 2006
VQ OrthoCare to Distribute CoolSystems Product "VQ OrthoCare will begin distributing CoolSystems' Game Ready System to medical professionals."
Los Angeles Business/BizJournals, December 4, 2006
100 Fastest Growing Private Bay Area Companies
"CoolSystems Inc.–corporate name for Game Ready–ranks #19 on the list."
San Francisco Business Times, October 20-26, 2006
50 Fastest Growing East Bay Companies
"CoolSystems Inc.–corporate name for Game Ready–ranks #12 on the list."
East Bay Business Times, September 22, 2006
Passion, Execution Cited as Key Elements for Start-ups
"Tom Oliver’s tips for building a start-up company..."
Medical Device Daily, March 17, 2006
CoolSystems Raises $8.6 Million with Round of Funding
"Funding was provided by MedVenture Associates as a co-leader."
American Venture Magazine, January 6, 2006
CoolSystems Adds a Cool $8.6M
"Sports injury device maker grabs funding to expand in post-surgery recovery."
Red Herring, December 30, 2005
CoolSystems Raises $8.6 Million "CoolSystems Raises $8.6 Million"
San Francisco Business Times, December 29, 2005
CoolSystems Raises $8.6 Million
"CoolSystems Raises $8.6 Million"
East Bay Business Times, December 29, 2005
Growth Story Has Roots in False Start "CoolSystems: Growth Story Has Roots in False Start"
San Francisco Business Times, October 14, 2005
Heavenly Pain Relief
“The Game Ready System uses NASA technology to apply cold and compression to injuries via a control unit and patented wraps.
Rochester Business Journal, February 25, 2005
Valley Tech Competes in Olympics
"Valley Tech Competes in Olympics"
Silicon Valley Biz Ink, August 6, 2004